7 Replies to “Contest #667 Hint”

  1. I missed the original picture which is annoying – I would have got it from the start.

    It’s the Cascade Brewery in Hobart, Tasmania.

    How would I have got it so fast? Do you see those spindly silver-grey trees poking through the canopy? There was a massive bushfire through there 53 years ago. The grey trees are the ones that died but didn’t fall down. They’re about 1/2 again as high as the surrounding bush which has grown up since.

    But as I missed the post (mea culpa – bother – I wonder what else I missed on Sunday!) I shall claim my “after the clue” spot.

  2. Beers, Cascade Brewery-Brasserie, South Hobart, Australia, -42.896001° 147.292045°

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