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  1. Cascade Brewery is a brewery established in 1824 in South Hobart, Tasmania and is the oldest continually operating brewery in Australia.

  2. 42°53’45.60″ S 147°17’31.36″ E
    Cascade Brewery, founded 1824 in South Hobart, Tasmania
    Cascade Premium Lager is the original Tasmanian premium beer from Australia’s oldest continually operating brewery in the foothills of Mount Wellington in Hobart

  3. EASY !
    Cascade Brewery -Brasserie
    131 Cascade Rd
    South Hobart TAS 7004
    -42.897292° 147.293139°

  4. Casdcade Brewery, South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Coordinates -42.896064°, 147.292104°.

  5. Cascade Brewery, South Hobart, Tasmania.
    Oldest continually operating brewery in Australia
    42°53′45″S 147°17′33″E

  6. In the nice town of Hobart on the nice island of Tasmania you can visit, for about 8 euros, the Brasserie Cascade. I did visit it back in 1982.

  7. BEERS: listed in google as Cascade Brewery 131 Cascade Road South Hobart Tasmania Australia

  8. -42.897292° 147.293139°
    is that enough? my google is problematic, i cannot read any name right now

  9. i’ve been following those contests for weeks now
    i never find anything, sigh
    i’m a rookie obviously sigh again
    but this time i found the cascade brewery in tasmania, YEAH!
    nobody helped me

  10. Cascade Brewery, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
    42°53’46.2″S 147°17’32.1″E
    -42.896178, 147.292244

    could have eventually got it without the clue but I would have probably looked at nearly every distillery and brewery in the world

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