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  1. Entrance of Vágatunnilin, Faroe Islands. Coordinates 62° 7’25.58″N, 7° 2’29.05″W.

  2. Vágavegur tunnel entrance on Faröe Island
    @• 62° 7’24.80″N 7° 2’36.19″W

  3. 62°07’26.17″ N 7°02’28.09″ W
    Vágar, Faroe Islands
    Vágatunnilin – Atlantic Tunnel

  4. Entrance to the Vagar Tunnel, just north of Leynar, Faroe Islands. One of a number of sub-sea tunnels linking the islands together.

  5. Vágatunnilin (The Vágar Tunnel) is a 4,900 m long sub-sea road tunnel in the Faroe Islands, between Streymoy and Vágar

    62°07’25.64″ N 7°02’30.85″ W

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