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  1. Monte Plata Solar – Solar photovoltaic power plant
    Monte Plata 92000
    Dominican Republic

    18°49’07.38″ N 69°47’17.06″ W

  2. Monte Plata Solar Project, Dominican Republic. Coordinates 18.820546°, -69.790153°.

  3. Central Fotovoltaico Monte Plata, solar power plant in the Dominican Republic.

  4. Central Fotovoltaico Monte Plata, Dominican Republic
    18°49’08.84″ N 69°47’23.90″ W
    30 MW
    Largest PV plant in The Caribbean

  5. Monte Plata: The Caribbean’s Largest Solar Array Goes Live = @18.8100768,-69.7996617

  6. In the Dominican Republic. I send more details in a minute.
    A new solar power project in the Dominican Republic will be the largest of its kind in the Caribbean upon its completion. The Monte Plata project, named for the capital city and province in which it is located, is the 33.4 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar array destined to churn out five times as much clean energy as the nation currently generates. By increasing renewable energy generation, the energy-scarce island country will be able to greatly reduce its need for imported fuel and take a leap forward toward economic independence.

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