Contest #637: Mutriku Breakwater Wave Plant, Mutriku, Spain

Located on the northern coast of Spain in the Basque country, this ingenious power plant leverages the motion of the waves against a breakwater to generate power. The breaking waves push a series of columns of air. The moving air drives 16 generators.

Those who found it before the hint:

  • hhgygy
  • Eloy Cano
  • Paul Voestermans
  • Walter_V_R
  • Lighthouse
  • krenek
  • Martin de Bock
  • Garfield
  • Andreas Meister
  • David Kozina
  • Phil Ower

And after the hint:

  • Robin
  • Chris Nason
  • Jeather

By the way, I made a mistake in the hint — the 70,000 homes number comes from the previous contest (Steven’s Croft). Mutriku generates about 300KW, or enough to power about 250 homes. To be fair, I’m sure the “Basque” part of the hint was way more useful to people that needed it than the output number could have. I fixed it on Thursday, but, if that threw you off and kept you from entering the right place, comment here and we’ll consider giving you the point.