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  1. Wind blade storage site in New Mexico industrial hub of Santa Teresa, USA I believe it is from TPI Composites Inc. 31°51’2.09″N, 106°41’39.36″W

  2. 31°51’01.00″ N 106°41’33.33″ W
    TPI Composites /Mitsubishi wind turbine blades depot
    Santa Teresa, New Mexico
    Manufactured in Ciudad Juárez, trucked over the border, stored in industrial zone, shipped to U.S. wind farms via the new Union Pacific rail yard

  3. Wow, I found it very luckily after two days of searching randomly
    Strauss, Santa Teresa, New Mexico

  4. 31°51’6.91″N 106°41’43.14″W, Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Wind turbine blade yard.

  5. wind turbine material in the outskirts of el paso new mexico 31° 50.876’N 106° 41.355’W

  6. I’m brand new over here. What have I to say about such wind turbine blades ? It’s in New Mexico, on Industrial Avenue in Sta Teresa. Do we have to tell the company name ?

  7. 31.8536797,-106.6907588, Санта-Тереза / Нью-Мексико / капиталистические США, недалеко от Эль-Пасо / США и Сьюдад-Хуарес / Мексика, где этот чертов Дональд Трамп строит стену.

    31°50’52.55″N 106°41’21.27″W

  9. Diamond WTG Blade Facility – Yard 4
    Santa Teresa, NM 88008, United States

    31°51’07.00″ N 106°41’37.51″ W

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