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  1. Calipatria Flagpole –
    Calipatria, California

    Flag at sea level

    33°07’35.52″ N 115°30’59.69″ W

  2. 33°07’34.84″ N 115°30’59.68″ W
    Erroneously called the world’s tallest flagpole
    Calipatria, California, North Park Avenue
    located along State Route 111
    180 feet (55 m) below sea level

  3. World’s tallest flagpole with top at sea level, Calipatria, USA
    33° 7’35.49″N 115°31’0.14″W

    As always, top ideas for locations!

  4. Calipatria Park, Calipatria, United States. The flagpole, once claim to the tallest, measures 184 ft bringing it to an even sea level, since the town itself is 184ft below sea level.

  5. Calipatria Flagpole, Calipatria, California, USA. As said, world’s tallest flagpole. Coordinates 33.126522°, -115.516712°.

  6. Calipatria Flagpole, erroneously called the world’s tallest flagpole, California, 33°07’35.4″N 115°30’59.8″W.

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