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  1. Foreshore Freeway Bridge, Cape Town, South Africa. Coordinates -33.914778°, 18.422030°

  2. Ooh, this was just a few days ago in TV:
    Foreshore Freeway Bridge
    also known as Cape Town’s Unfinished Bridge
    Cape Town, South Africa
    33°54’52.95″ S 18°25’18.55″ E

  3. Foreshore Freeway Bridge, Helen Suzman Boulevard, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.

  4. The uncompleted Foreshore Freeway Bridge in Cape Town

    33°54’53.31″ S 18°25’20.09″ E

  5. Unfinished Foreshore Freeway Bridge, Capetown, South-Africa

    33°54’53.07″ S 18°25’19.94″ E

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