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  1. The row of houses called “The Twelve Apostles” built to relocate farmers whose land conflicted with the hunting of deer by the landed gentry in 1860’s.

  2. The Apostles, Caracol, Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK. Coordinates 55.695112°, -5.326072°.

  3. 55.6951 -5.3259
    Catacol, Scotland, The Craw, Isle of Arran
    The 12 Apostles – 12 little houses in row

  4. The Twelve Apostels in Catacol, Arran Island
    55°41’42.30″N 5°19’33.60″W

  5. The twelve apostles cottages
    Isle of Arran, UK
    55°41’43.38″ N 5°19’32.19″ W

  6. Twelve Apostles cottages, Catacol, Isle of Arran, Scotland, almost defunct UK, 55.695°N 5.326°W.

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