11 Replies to “Contest #617”

  1. The Donut Hole, Amar Road, Los Angeles, USA.
    Coordinates 34.037171°, -117.951720°.

  2. The Donut Hole, a bakery and landmark in La Puente, California, USA.
    34° 2’13.78″N, 117°57’6.29″W

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    Ok, I tried my best to honor your CIRCLE series. The Donut Hole, 15300 Amar Rd, La Puente, Los Angeles, California, @34.0371202 -117.9519703.

    Fine, now I’m hungry!

  4. 34.0371 -117.9517
    Donut Hole
    drive-through donut tunnel
    La Puente, California
    Amazing contest !!

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