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  1. Seljavellir Hot water swimming pool. Iceland
    63°33’55.68″ N 19°36’23.89″ W

  2. Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool, Iceland
    63°33’55.95″N 19°36’28.00″W

  3. Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool, Iceland.
    Coordinates 63.565568°, -19.607814°.

  4. The Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool in Iceland, at 63.5653874 -19.6100344, nice place, I went there back in 1931. Yes, the pool was built in 1923, making it one of the oldest pools in Iceland ! I read somewhere: The hot water directly comes from a natural hot spring not far from there. Swimming in the wonderful pool with spectacular surroundings is free of charge, just remember to not leave anything behind. Seljavallalaug is 25 meters long and 10 meters wide. It is located 10 kilometers East of Ásólfsskáli. To go there from Reykjavík, take the Road 1 eastward and turn left on Road 242 marked Raufarfellsvegur. If you continue straight you will find the parking lot and a pool right beside it, but this is not Seljavallalaug. To swim in the waters of Seljavallalaug you will have to walk 15 to 20 minutes towards the bottom of the valley. And: Don’t forget to read the important rules you have to follow while going to a natural pool. About Icelandic Hot Spring & Geothermal Pool Etiquette: https://adventures.is/blog/hot-spring-geothermal-pool-etiquette/

  5. 63°33’55.79″ N 19°36’27.65″ W
    a protected 25-metre outdoor pool in southern Iceland
    South of volcano Eyjafjallajökull

  6. Seljavallalaug Mountain Pool, Iceland.
    Lat: 63.565540°
    Lon: -19.607877°

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