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  1. Go to Bed by Kitt Bennett, Victoria, Australia
    @ 37°46’34.89″ S 144°55’45.87″ E

  2. Kitt Bennett’s drawing “Go to Bed” on a parking in Melbourne, Australia.

    37°46’34.90″S – 144°55’45.70″E

  3. Kitt Bennett “Go to Bed” painting
    448 Mt Alexander Rd
    Ascot Vale VIC 3032

    37°46’35.27″ S 144°55’46.14″ E

  4. It’s one of Kitt Bennett’s Parking Lot Murals, Mt. Alexander Road, Melbourne, Australia. Coordinates -37.776401°, 144.929237°.

  5. Melbourne, Australia 37°46’35.53″S 144°55’44.97″E
    Street mural by Kitt Bennett

  6. GO TO BED (ground mural)
    Mt Alexander Road / North Street, Melbourne, Australia

  7. One of Kitt Bennett’s pavement paintings in Melbourne, Australia
    37°46’34.76″S 144°55’45.78″E

  8. ‘Go To Bed’, Mt. Alexander Road, Melbourne, Australia, by urban muralist Kit Bennet.

  9. “Go to Bed” ground art by Kitt Bennett , The Ascot Lot, 448 Mount Alexander Road, Melbourne, Australia (-37.7764,144.9294)

  10. Kitt Bennett mural in melborne
    The Ascot lot, 448 Alaexander road melborne

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