Contest #600 – Hints

For each image, enter your guess in the comments and be sure to include the image’s letter. You enter multiple image guesses in each comment or do a new comment per image.

As always, you can click the image to see a larger version of it.

Good luck!!

A. From Garfield


Hint: Charlie Parker or Boney James would love this bridge

B. From Horvath


Hint: Very important on the 14th day of a month-long annual festival.

C. From Garfield


Hint: it was a school until the town created a museum over 140 years ago.

D. From Krenek


Hint: 600 years ago they threw a rock at the wrong man from a window here.

E. From Garfield


Hint: That’s a 38-degree gradient that this little electrical train takes.

F. From Lighthouse


Hint: Built between 3000 and 2700 BCE. Possibly a calendar. Not unlike the calendars near Amesbury.

G. From Garfield

(what can we say, she sent in a BUNCH of really good ones!!)


Hint: Yes, the beacon here is vital to You if you fly here, John.

H. From Phil Ower


Hint: You could almost say that one of the greatest mountain climbing expeditions in history started here.

I. From Garfield


Hint: Sir Walter Raleigh was impressed with this stuff — way better than that what came from Norway.

J. From Sasha


Hint: Mentioned in the Decameron. You can get here by climbing 33 flights of steps.

K. From Krenek (you thought I was going to say Garfield, didn’t you?)


Hint: The statue here reflects the views of the ancient Mesopotamians, Homer and Tia Tequila.

L. From Phil Ower


Hint: Three of the contests are in the same small country. This one was the filming location of a very popular mid-60’s British TV Drama.

M. From Steve Willis


Hint: Can’t really say much. Yep, it’s a fish.

6 Replies to “Contest #600 – Hints”

  1. L – Phil Ower
    52°54’52.19″ N 4°05’50.39″ W
    Portmeirion, Snowdonia, Wales, UK
    Film location of “The Prisoner”
    This was a pretty good one, without hint no way to find for me !

  2. Here’s the rest…
    C. Tenby Museum, Tenby, Wales
    51°40’20.28″N 4°41’41.64″W

    G. VOR on Saltspring Island, north of Victoria, BC, Canada
    48°43’37.07″N 123°29’3.97″W

    H. Pen-y-Gwryd, Wales
    53° 4’57.30″N 4° 0’6.06″W

    I. pitch lake in La Brea, Trinidad
    10°14’3.24″N 61°37’37.54″W

    K. Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Herning, Denmark
    56° 7’53.65″N 9° 1’17.57″E

    L. Portmeirion, Wales
    52°54’47.46″N 4° 5’55.63″W

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