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  1. Coca-Cola writing, Chile. Reportedly made of 70000 coke bottles.
    18°31’45.46″S 70°14’59.41″W

  2. A classic …
    World’s Largest Coca-Cola Logo
    It used to say “Coca-Cola 100 años”, but apparently it is now “Coca-Cola 125 años”
    Near Arica, Chile (CL)
    18°31’45.76″S 70°15’0.12″W

  3. Cola Logo, Desert of Chile, Arica, Arica y Parinacota, Chile.
    Coordinates -18.529256°, -70.249847°

  4. The Coca Cola logo on a hill near Arica in Chile. 18°31’46.01″S 70°14’58.97″W.

  5. I was really drinking some Coca Zero when your image appeared on my screen, exactly at -18.529377 -70.250034 somewhere in Chile!

  6. 18°31’44.90″ S 70°14’59.43″ W
    World’s Largest Coca-Cola Logo in Arica, Chile

  7. Coca Cola logo in the desert of Chili, close to the city of Arica.
    18.529225 S. -70.25002 W

  8. In the far north of Chile, near the city of Arica, at -18.5292, -70.2500 this is the largest Coca Cola logo in the world!

  9. Next to the city of Arica in Chili. Google Earth has a marker in “Places” for it.
    S 18 31′ 47.53″
    W 70 15′ 02.02″

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