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  1. West Of Scotland Cricket Club
    40-44 Peel St, Glasgow G11 5LU, UK

    55°52’21.84″N 4°18’33.46″W

  2. Maryhill, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
    West of Scotland Cricket Club
    55°52’20.31″ N 4°18’32.00″ W

  3. West Of Scotland Cricket Ground, Glasgow, Scotland. Now I understand the meaning of “it’s coming home”… to Scotland, or rather Croatia or France perhaps.

  4. West of Scotland Cricket Club
    Glasgow, Scotland

    The field where England’s first international football match was played against Scotland (0-0)

    55°52’21.60″N 4°18’32.67″W

  5. At 55°52′20.69″N 4°18′31.89″W is located the West of Scotland Cricket Ground, where (football):
    England’s Results at The West of Scotland Cricket Ground
    1. 30 November 1872 – Scotland 0 England 0 [0-0]
    3. 7 March 1874 – Scotland 2 England 1 [1-1]
    5. 4 March 1876 – Scotland 3 England 0 [3-0]
    I ALMOST understand football rules BUT I don’t understand anything about cricket
    EVEN if AT LEAST 5 times British guys tried to explain me the rules ! Conclusion : British do NOT get the cricket rules either !

  6. Hamilton Crescent – A cricket ground located in the Partick area of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. It is the home of the West of Scotland Cricket Club.

  7. I had an immediate intuition that what is obviously a cricket pitch might be the locale from which the Beatles departed by helicopter in that famous scene from A Hard Day’s Night: the Thornbury Playing Fields, in Isleworth, UK. However, I will have to look farther afield for this cricket ground…

  8. Hamilton Crescent, West of Scotland Cricket Club. 55.872422°, -4.308839°

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