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  1. Helicoide De Caracas – Police Department
    Caracas 1041, Districto Federal
    10°29’20.15″N 66°54’35.05″W

    (Thanks for an easier one)

  2. Well, that is El Helicoide, Caracas.


    “On 16 May 2018, a prison riot occurred in El Helicoide, with several political prisoners arrested during the protests facing danger as Venezuelan authorities fired tear gas and buckshot at individuals in the area.”

  3. El Helicoide, Caracas, Venezuela

    10°29’22.04″N 66°54’36.25″W

  4. 10°29’21.92″ N 66°54’35.69″ W
    El Heliciode, Caracas, Venezuela
    It serves as a facility and prison belonging to the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN)

  5. El Helicoide, Caracas, Venezuela. Looks like Bruegel’s painting came true.

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