Contest #553: James Pond, Somerville, Maine, USA

Nestled on the south end of Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, this small lake is, well, not famous at all. Probably the most common use of the knowledge of the existence of it is a pun.

The name is Pond … James Pond. It’s really too bad that the zip code isn’t something like “00700” or “00007” or something, but no…

Now, before you break out the torches and pitchforks and come after your humble game masters, keep in mind that Andrew and I (and, for a while, Charlie) have been keeping you going since Contest #371 in November of 2014. Sometimes it’s hard to find really good stuff (if you’d like to see things from this side of the game, come join us – and see the challenges we face setting challenges for you!) While this contest has been running, we found quite a few and will be queuing them up. The rest of the series should have you happily bouncing around between easier and slightly less difficult/stupid ones like this one was.

And, in the interest of expanding the site, we have reinstated the ever-popular, ever-requested, and ever-hard-to-keep-up KML list of all sites (up to #550) which we will be updating at the end of each series. You’ll find it on the left side menu at the bottom (here’s a quick link to the file).

So, back to the pond. There’s just not a lot of info about it. Seems to be a good place to catch some bass. No idea who it was named after. Mr Google is not our friend here – especially since there are a series of video games called “James Pond” about a fishy spy.

Those who found the site and are still scratching their head about what we could have possibly been thinking when we selected this freaking site included:

  • hhgygy
  • Garfield
  • Phil Ower

And those who somehow freakishly got enough about the joke from that hint included:

  • Walter_V_R

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