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Contest #538


February 9th, 2018 Posted by | Contest | 7 comments

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  1. Flørli, Norway. Hydropower station and the world’s longest wooden stairway with 4444 steps. From the top one has a beautiful view over Lysefjord toward famous Preikestolen.

    59°0’40.48″N 6°25’58.92″E

  2. The Flørli Power Station is a hydroelectric power station located on the shores of Lysefjord in the municipality Forsand in Rogaland, Norway.

  3. Florli, Lysefjord, Norway with hydroeectric power plant fed from Ternevatnet.

  4. The longest wooden staircase in the world at Florlitrapene up to lake Ternevatnet, Norway.

    59° 0’34.94″N 6°26’11.05″E

    The hike up the 4.444 stairs is what Flørli is best known for. The stairs follow the two water pipelines and the rails where a trolley used to transport people and materials up and down the mountain.



  5. 4444 steps from Florli hydropowerstation to the summit, the world’s longest wooden stairs (Norway)
    59°00’36.13″ N 6°26’22.62″ E

  6. Flørlitrappene
    4128 Flørli
    59° 0’46.67″N 6°25’57.75″E

  7. Flørli Hydroelectric Power Station, Norway.