14 Replies to “Contest #536”

  1. «Tesla Coil» in Istra and the world’s largest Marx generator
    55°55’25.63″N 36°49’10.65″E

  2. The All-Russian ElectroTechnical Institute’s “high-voltage scientific research center” at
    +55° 55′ 26.15″ N, +36° 49′ 10.97″ E

  3. High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility, Istra, Russia
    55°55’26.35″N 36°49’8.72″E

  4. 55°55’26.72″ N 36°49’12.46″ E
    Super Power Tesla Tower, Istra (40 km west of Moskau), Russia

  5. Correction, the generator has always been active despite its abandoned reputation.

  6. Istra High Voltage Research Center, Istra, Istrinsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia

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