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  1. Storozhensky lighthouse is situated in the south-east of Lake Ladoga in Storozhno village of the Leningrad region. It was built in 1906, they say it’s the highest lighthouse in Europe – 71 m high.

  2. Storozhenskiy Lighthouse, on Lake Ladoga
    Leningrad Oblast, Russia

    I am glad you have this hint. I was looking at lighthouses, but only on oceanic coasts!

  3. Storozhenskiy Mayak on Lake Ladoga, of Leningrad siege fame of course. 60.5310553,32.6277831. Another lighthouse, second tallest in Russia (7th tallest in the world says wikipedia !). The tale would have been better if this place was the start of the “Road of Life” (the ice road that was used to supply Leningrad), but no such luck.

  4. Storozhno, on the east shore of lake Ladoga

    60°31’51.35″N 32°37’43.67″E

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