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  1. The Storozhenskiy Light on Russia’s Lake Ladoga
    60° 31′ 53.11″ N, 32° 37′ 33.58″ E

  2. 60° 31′ 53.11″ N, 32° 37′ 33.58″ E

    Storozhenskiy Light, also known as Storozhno Light, is an active lighthouse on Lake Ladoga, in the Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It’s 71 meters high, started operating in 1907 and said to be the 4th tallest stone lighthouse in the world.


    Lake Ladoga, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
    Storozhenskiy Light
    At a height of 233 feet (71 m) it is the seventh-tallest “traditional lighthouse” in the world, and the fourth-tallest stone lighthouse
    60°31’54.37″ N 32°37’39.80″ E

  4. Storozhenskiy (Storozhno)Light, Ladoga Lake, Russia
    60°31’52.21″N 32°37’34.27″E

  5. Storozhenskiy Light, Lake Ladoga, Russia. If I had only have made out those stripes, I would have saved myself some time.

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