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Contest #514


August 25th, 2017 Posted by | Contest | 12 comments

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  1. 185 Empty Chairs Earthquake Memorial, Christchurch NZ
    @ 43°31’59.87″S 172°38’34.83″E

  2. Empty Chair Earthquake Memorial at Cashel & Madras Streets
    Christchurch, New Zealand

  3. On February 22, 2011, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit near Christchurch, New Zealand, devastating the city´s infrastructure and killing 185 people. To memorialize the victims, 185 empty white chairs were placed in an open field near the center of Christchurch, one chair for each life lost.
    43°31’59.87″S 172°38’34.58″E

  4. 185 Empty White Chairs Memorial, Christchurch city centre, New Zealand. (visited December, 2015)

  5. 43°32′00″S 172°38′35″E
    185 empty white chairs, installed by the Artist Majendie
    Temporary Memorial for Victims of Earthquake 2011 FEB 22
    Christchurch, NZ
    Similar to Oklahoma City National Memorial,
    or the chairs in Bryant Park NY

  6. 185 empty white chairs at

    St. Paul’s Trinity pacafic Presbyterian church , Christchurch,new zeland

  7. Christchurch, New Zealand: 185 empty white chairs as temporal memorial for the people who lost their lives at the earthquake 22 February 2011.
    Former place of St. Paul’s Church.
    43°31’59.86″S 172°38’34.76″E

  8. Christchurch Earthquake Memorial, New Zealand.

  9. 185 Chairs memorial, Chistchurch, New Zealand


  10. St Paul’s Trinity Pacific Presbyterian Church
    236 Cashel St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

  11. 185 chairs for 185 people who died in Feb 2011’s earthquake.

  12. Earthquake Memorial in Christchurch, NZ, at the corner of Madras and Cashel Streets.

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