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Contest #500 – more locations than ever

In no particular order… here are your contest #500 images. Paul and I are not to be blamed for difficult ones!

We will extend this contest to two weeks – one week without hints with hints released next Friday at 2130 UTC.

Please submit your answers using number or name below to identify the image. If you submitted a location, we will assume you know where it is and award 2 points automatically.

1. From Jeather:

2. From Robin:

3. From Phil Ower:

4. From krenek:

5. From ashwini agrawal:

6. From Gillian B:

7. From rob de wolff:

8. From Glenmorren:

9. From Lighthouse:

10. From RicardPG:

11. From donaaronio:

12. From Garfield:

13. From hhgygy:

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