Contest #500 – more locations than ever

In no particular order… here are your contest #500 images. Paul and I are not to be blamed for difficult ones!

We will extend this contest to two weeks – one week without hints with hints released next Friday at 2130 UTC.

Please submit your answers using number or name below to identify the image. If you submitted a location, we will assume you know where it is and award 2 points automatically.

1. From Jeather:

2. From Robin:

3. From Phil Ower:

4. From krenek:

5. From ashwini agrawal:

6. From Gillian B:

7. From rob de wolff:

8. From Glenmorren:

9. From Lighthouse:

10. From RicardPG:

11. From donaaronio:

12. From Garfield:

13. From hhgygy:

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  1. So far
    1. Blythe Intaglio’s California, USA.
    2. Fiat Factory, Tychy Poland.
    3. my suggestion
    5. Adam’s Bridge, Gulf of Mannar.
    6. Penguin Parade, Phillip Island, Australia.
    8. Cemetiere Parisien De Pantin, Paris, France.
    10. Church Of San Pedro de la Nave, Spain.
    11. South Of The Border theme park, abandoned, Dillon South Carolina, USA.
    13. Yuryev Monestery, Novgorod, Russia.
    4 to, though they are difficult.

  2. three more, one to go
    7. Vasaloppet, Salen Sweden, ski race start.
    9. Jeongseon Railbike Station, South Korea.
    12. Arthurs Seat Hotel/Restauraunt, Mornington Peninsula, Asutralia.

  3. These were really exciting pictures from all – an amazing contest !

    1. From Jeather:
    Arizona / Colorado Desert / Blythe Intaglios (American Nazca Lines)
    33°48’00.94″ N 114°31’53.12″ W

    2. From Robin:
    Tychy / Fiat Auto Poland / near Urbanowice
    50°06’09.48″ N 19°04’33.07″ E

    3. From Phil Ower:
    Sand Theatre / end of the worl cinema / Peninsula de Sinai, Egypt
    27°57’45.54″ N 34°15’16.97″ E

    4. From krenek:
    Oberbottigen / Bern / Swiss / Parking lots at the old school house
    46°56’08.48″ N 7°21’00.25″ E

    5. From ashwini agrawal:
    Adams Bridge/ Ram Setu – natural bridge, connecting Pamban in Tamil Nadu, India, to Mannar in Sri Lanka
    9°05’11.37″ N 79°34’06.67″ E

    6. From Gillian B:
    Australia / Phillip Island / Penguin Parade
    38°30’34.15″ S 145°08’57.25″ E

    8. From Glenmorren:
    Paris / Pantin / Cemetery
    48°54’22.51″ N 2°24’44.47″ E

    9. From Lighthouse:
    Jeongseon Rail Bike / Jeongsun Landscape Train / South Korea
    37°31’00.15″ N 128°43’50.58″ E

    10. From RicardPG:
    Iglesia de San Pedro de la Nave / church of Campillo, Zamora, Spain
    41°35’00.99″ N 5°57’44.69″ W

    11. From donaaronio:
    Pedro South of the Border, South Carolina, Theme Resort / Theme Park
    34°29’51.17″ N 79°18’34.51″ W

    12. From Garfield (it’s my own):
    Arthur’s Seat – Chairlift at the Summit, Melbourne, Victoria
    38°21′7.2″S 144°57′10.8″E

    13. From hhgygy:
    Yuri’ev Monastery, Novgorod, Russia
    58°29’11.16″ N 31°17’03.01″ E

  4. Number 4. Oberbottigen, Switzerland, intersection of Bottigenstrausse and Hausmattweg, appears to be a schoolyard painting. This one was hard, one thing to know it’s in Switzerland (yellow crosswalks) another to find it, Bern colour cast kept throwing me off.

  5. Proudly reporting my find: 12/12
    1. Blythe Intaglios
    33°48’1.87″ N 114°31’55.22″ W
    2. Fiat Auto Poland
    50° 6’17.00″ N 19° 4’20.06″ E
    3. End of the World Cinema in the Sinai Desert
    27°57’46.35″ N 34°15’14.60″ E
    4. Oberbottigenweg/Bottigen-Strasse,

    Oberbottigen, Bern, Switzerland,
    46.935717°N 7.350091°E
    5. Adam’s Bridge
    9° 6’26.25″ N 79°30’36.20″ E
    6.Penguin Parade, Philip Island
    38°30’32.11″D 145° 8’53.68″K
    7. Vasaloppsstarten
    61° 6’37.04″ N 13°17’41.25″ E
    8. A Paris cemetery
    48.9065907 N, 2.4111591 E
    9.Gujeoran-gil, South Korea
    37°31’0.81″ N 128°43’41.29″ E
    10.Iglesia de San Pedro de la Nave
    41°34’59.25″ N 5°57’51.35″ W
    11. South of the Border, South Carolina
    34°29’52.37″ N 79°18’34.25″ W
    12. Arthurs Hotel Restaurant, Arthurs Seat, VIC
    38°21’12.07″D 144°57’5.32″K
    (13. Yuryev Monastery, Novgorod, Russia posted by myself)

  6. #1. The Blythe Intaglios or Blythe Geoglyphs are a group of gigantic figures found on the ground near Blythe, California in the Colorado Desert.

  7. #3. End of the World Cinema. Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt.

  8. #8. Cimetiere
    163 Avenue Jean Jaurès
    93500 Aubervilliers

  9. #6. Phillip Island Nature Parks
    1019 Ventnor Rd
    Summerlands VIC 3922

  10. #5. The Ram Setu is a natural bridge made of limestone shoals that connects Pamban in Tamil Nadu, India, to Mannar in Sri Lanka

  11. andrew, paul, hi!

    on friday, THE HINT for my #4 image should be:

    This work of art is located near (less than 10 km) the capital city of a country of approximately 40’000 km2.

    thanks in advance


  12. #10. Church of San Pedro de La Nave
    El Campillo, Zamora, Spain

  13. #9. Jeongseon Railbike – Tourist Attraction
    745 Nochusan-ro, Yeoryang-myeon
    Jeongseon, Gangwon-do
    South Korea

  14. Last one solved:

    7. From rob de wolff:
    Vasaloppsstarten / Sweden
    61°06’38.10″ N 13°17’38.96″ E

  15. 1. Jeather
    Blythe Intaglios, California
    33°48’1.65″N 114°31’54.08″W

    2. Robin
    FIAT Auto Poland, Tychy
    50° 6’18.68″N 19° 4’14.58″E

    3. Phil Ower
    End oft he World Cinema, Egypt
    27°57’45.61″N 34°15’14.19″E

    4. krenek
    Oberbottigen, Bern, Switzerland
    46°56’8.50″N 7°21’0.33″E

    5. Ashwini
    Adam’s bridge between India and Sri Lanka
    9° 5’45.53″N 79°33’7.44″E

    6. Gillian B
    Phillip Island Nature Park, Australia
    38°30’32.30″S 145° 8’52.37″E

    8. Glenmorren
    Cemetière Parisien de Pantin, Paris
    48°54’24.93″N 2°24’40.56″E

    10. RicardPG
    San Pedro de la Nave, El Campillo, Spain
    41°34’59.89″N 5°57’50.46″W

    12. Garfield
    Arthurs Seat and Restaurant, Australia
    38°21’12.07″S 144°57’5.05″E

    13. hhgygy
    Yuriev Monastery, Novgorod, Russia
    58°29’12.62″N 31°17’4.92″E

  16. 1. From Jeather:
    Blythe Intaglios, Blythe, CA, USA
    33°48’01″N 114°31’54″W

    2. From Robin
    FCA factory in Tychy, Poland
    50°06’16″N 19°04’04″E
    For whatever reason this is the picture from 2009

    3. From Phil Ower
    Theatre in Sinaï Desert, Egypt
    “End of world cinema”
    27°57’46″N 34°15’13″E

    6. From Gillian B.
    Right Point, Philip Island, Victoria, Australia
    Viewpoint for the Penguin Parade
    38°30’33″S 145°08’56″E

    7. From Rob de Wolff (my own contribution)
    Start of Vasaloppet, Sälen, Sweden
    61°06’36″N 13°17’43″E

    8. From Glenmorren
    Cemetry in Pantin, France
    48°54’20″N 2°24’42″E

    9. From Lighthouse
    Yucheon-ri, Yeoryang-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, South Korea
    Railbike station
    37°30’58″N 128°43’42″E

    10. From RichardPG
    San Pedro de la Nave church, Campillo, Spain
    This very old church was moved to avoid submersion after a dam was built.
    41°35’00″N 5°57’49″W

  17. 01 Jeather
    Blythe Intaglios, California, USA

    02 Robin
    Stabilimento FIAT AUTO Tychy, Poland

    03 Phil Ower
    Ruins of The Seventh Art Cinema, South Sinai, Egypt

    04 krenek
    Pending… (some place in Switzerland, I guess)

    05 ashwini agrawal
    Rāmasetu, between Sri Lanka and India

    06 Gillian B
    Penguin Parade Interpretive Centre, Phillip Island, Australia

    07 rob de wolff

    08 Glenmorren
    Cimetière parisien de Pantin, Ile-de-France, France

    09 Lighthouse

    10 RicardPG
    Iglesia de San Pedro de la Nave, Campillo, Zamora, España

    11 donaaronio

    12 Garfield
    Arthurs Hotel, Crib Point, Australia

    13 hhgygy
    Yuriev Monastery, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

  18. 1 33.800542° -114.531928° intaglios area, blythe, california
    2 50.106722° 19.072411° fiat poland
    3 27.962722° 34.253861° “end of th world cinema”, sinaï, egypt
    4 46.935807° 7.350002° MY IMAGE, near bern, switzerland i will send you ASAP the TEXT + PICTURES for the ANSWER
    5 9.087225° 79.538992° adam’s bridge, india/sri-lanka
    6 -38.509003° 145.147827° penguin parade, summerlands, australia
    7 61.110423° 13.295225° vasaloppet cross-country ski race start, berga, sweden
    8 48.908116° 2.412237° cemetery, avenue jean jaurès, aubervilliers, france
    9 37.516075° 128.729887° jeongseon rail bike/train station, south korea
    10 41.583811° -5.963383° san pedro de la nave, zamora, spain
    11 34.497644° -79.309315° south of the border, north/south carolina
    12 -38.353437° 144.951495° arthur’s seat tower + restaurant, near mccrae, australia
    13 58.486591° 31.284936° yur’ev monastery, near novgorod, russia

  19. 7. Rob de Wolff
    Vasaloppet Start, Sweden
    61° 6’36.85″N 13°17’43.34″E

  20. 1. ​The Blythe Geoglyphs (California, USA)

    5​. Adam’s Bridge, between Dhanushkodi (India) and Mannar Island (Sri Lanka)​

    6​. Philip Island Nature Park (Australia)​

    8. Cimetière parisien de Pantin (France)

    10. Iglesia de San Pedro de la Nave (Church of St. Peter of the Nave), in Campillo (Spain)

  21. No 8. Glenmorren
    The Cimetière de Pantin (The City of Paris Cemetery) is possibly the least-known of the many Parisian municipal cemeteries, but at 1.07 square kilometres it is the largest.

  22. No 1. Jeather
    The intaglios near Blythe, along the Colorado River along the California-Arizona border are the American equivalent of the Peruvian Nazca lines

  23. No 2. Robin
    The Tychy Factory, the largest automobile factory in Poland, the biggest Fiat factory in Europe and the second in the world after the Brazilian one. The Fiat 500is manufactured here.

  24. #1 – Blythe Intaglios, Mojave desert, CA.

    #5 – Adam’s Bridge, between Sri Lanka and mainland India (the name of the author, and his probable origin, should have been a hint enough…)

    #8 – Cimetière Parisien, Aubervilliers, NE of Paris (the hint is easy for anybody familiar with the main hubs of Paris Métro !). the image has been updated since the creencap, by the way.

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