Upcoming contest #500

Where On Google Earth started in February 2008, and has been providing players around the world with challenging puzzles on a (now) weekly basis.

Contest 500 is one away now, and would like to celebrate this with a different kind of contest – where you get to choose one location each to challenge the rest of the players.

Submit a location (name/lat/lon/scale if important) and a helpful hint. We will number and post all images for everyone to solve. We reserve the right to not use locations that do not meet our standards. We will reveal all hints at the usual date and time (0001 UTC on Wednesday).

Everyone should get at least 2 points, but can someone find them all?


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  1. OK try this:


    Every night,
    As the sun goes down,
    Lots of feet
    Come paddling around.

    Answer – Penguin Parade, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Every night the Little Penguins, also known as Fairy Penguins, come swimming in from their fishing grounds and waddle up the beach to their burrows. The stands are filled with eager tourists watching them, and then listening for their purring call to their mates and friends (and challenges to their rivals)



    And before you drive away, you need to check under your car. https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/0b/ca/8f/75/sign-in-phillip-island.jpg

  2. Adam’s Bridge
    9.0865° N, 79.5685° E
    Hint – An ancient br..ge

  3. My suggestion for next weeks contest is the theatre built in the desert at the bottom of the Sinai Peninsula, in ruins now, but was once a fully functioning outdoor movie theatre. Could be either very easy or very hard, depending on ones knowledge. Current view clearly shows where the seats were, as well as the projector hut and raised screen plateau.

    Possible clue: was once a good place to watch Lawrence Of Arabia.

    27°57’45.8″N 34°15’13.9″E

  4. Happy celebrating of contest 500!

    My suggestion:

    Jeongseon Rail bike / Gujeol-ri Station with “Grasshopper’s dream café“

    The rail bike in Jeongseon Auraji is a new type of leisure sport that combines biking along a railway and scenic views. The sport makes use of an abandoned railway track that runs from Jeongseon Auraji to Gujeol-ri. The total track is 7.2 kilometers long and is a continuous descent that is easy to ride along a beautiful landscape.

    At the boarding area in Gujeol-ri Station, there is a café named “A Grasshopper’s Dream”. Housed in a train, the café is the shape of a grasshopper. The rail bike starts in Gujeol-ri station and ends in Auraji Station. On the way back, you will return to Gujeol-ri on a free train for a comfortable ride.

    37°31’1.41″N 128°43’41.19″E

    (Please, zoom in from 80 – max 200m with the green wagon in the centre.)

    The image shows a mental activity during sleep of a green jumping insect and a special way of locomotion.

  5. Contest 500 entry: How about Pedro’s South of the Border, I-95 at the North Carolina-South Carolina border.


    eye altitude around 3500′ so the whole complex is visible

    Hint: Don’t let the name fool you. You won’t find this place in Mexico.

    Thank you guys for keeping this contest going every week, always fun!

  6. Church of San Pedro de la Nave, Spain
    41°34’59.6″N 5°57’50.9″W
    “It has more than a thousand years, but less than a century from its relocation.”

    San Pedro de la Nave is a visigothic church, a unique example of this architectonic style, and date from the 7th century. It was moved stone by stone in the early 30s (35 years before Nubian Monuments) from its original location one mile to the west, when the Ricobayo dam was built in the Esla River.

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