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  1. Guitar shaped group of trees north of General Levalle, Argentina
    at 33.8686760 S, 63.9790112 W

  2. Nazca Guitar, Cordoba, Argentina
    33°52’05.5″S 63°59’33.2″W

  3. Guitar made of 7000 trees in Cordoba, Argentina
    33°52’3.95″S 63°59’16.25″W

  4. I believe a widow created this guitar to honor his former wife, just north of General Levalle, Argentina. Hats off to those who got the last one.

  5. Guitar Nazca, La Guitarra de Arboles-Yraizoz-Ureta, Cordoba, Argentina

  6. Nazca Guitar / La Guitarra De Nazca, Presidente Roque Saenz Peña, Cordoba, Argentina

  7. Guitar in the Argentinian pampa
    near General Levalle, Córdoba, Argentina

    33°52’04.91″S 63°59’11.86″W

  8. La Guitarra de Arboles-Yraizoz-Ureta, Cordoba Province, Argentina.

    ‘bit simple this one, all it takes is a google search for “guitar shape field”….

  9. 33°52’02.9″S 63°59’13.0″W
    La guitarra
    La Pampa, Argentina

    By theway: The ginormous public toilet was incredible !!!

  10. Pedro Martín Ureta’s Forest Guitar, General Levalle, Argentina

  11. Guitar Nazca
    10 mi NNW of General Levalle, Córdoba, Argentina

  12. Guitar Nazca – Park Córdoba Argentina.

    Pedro Martin Ureta’s labour of love is a memorial to Graciela Yraizoz, who loved the guitar and asked him to design the instrument on their farmland near Laboulaye, Argentina.

    33 52 03 S 63 59 18 W

  13. Estancia La Guitarra, Argentina.
    33°52’04.06″S 63°59’10.72″W

  14. La Guitarra de Arboles-Yraizoz-Ureta, Presidente Roque Saenz Peña, Córdoba, Argentina
    33°52’04″S; 63°59’14″W

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