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  1. 47°22’25.29″ N 19°00’20.88″ E
    Lakihegy Radio Tower, World’s tallest cigar-shaped radio tower, Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary

  2. Birthday puzzle? 🙂
    The old transmission tower in Lakihegy, near Budapest, Hungary.
    When I look out my window I could see it if there was not another block of flats in the way. But if I walk out in the street I can see it on the other side of the Danube, a great landmark and piece of history.

  3. Lat: 47.373213°
    Lon: 19.004940°

    This is the Lakihegy Tower at Szigetszentmiklós-Lakihegy in Hungary.

  4. Lakihegy Radio Broadcast Tower Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary

    47°22′23″N 19°00′16″E

  5. Blaw-Knox-radiator in Lakihegy, Hungary. Interesting history was not familiar with. Good one.

  6. Lakihegy radio Tower, Hungary. Szigetszentmiklós – Lakihegy 314 Guyed mast at 47°22′23.45″N 19°0′17.21″E / 47.3731806°N 19.0047806°E

  7. Lakihegy Radio Tower in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary, at 47° 22′ 23″ N, 19° 0′ 16″ E.

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