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Contest #469 Hint

The woman known as the Frontier Angel, the Saint of the Sourdoughs, the Miner’s Angel, the Angel of the Cassair and the Angel of Tombstone was in this here neck of the woods. But I’ll bet she didn’t see anything “greyed out”.

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5 Responses to “Contest #469 Hint”

  1. Satellite image error at
    58°58’43.71″ N 131°12’3.06″ W

  2. About 48 km South of YOUR location, there is another hidden one at 58.547527° -131.204810° ! Why, what, how ?

  3. Segoothooth Butte, northwest British Columbia, Canada

  4. Seguthooth Butte, BC, Canada

  5. Addition: the Name of the target Segoothooth Butte

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