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  1. Nazca Dessert Irrigation tunnels, Nazca, Peru. Allowing farming in otherwise impossible conditions.

  2. 14° 49′ 35.83″ S, 74° 54′ 34.58″ W

    The Puquios an old system of subterranean aqueducts near the city of Nazca, Peru

  3. Ancient irrigation system
    Puquios, Nazca, Ica, Peru

    -14.826572, -74.910402

  4. Cantalloc aqueducts east of Nazca, Peru. Lines of circular features are spiral paths providing access to the subterranean channels.

  5. puquios holes
    Nazca, Peru
    14°49’35.00″S 74°54’40.00″W

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