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    annual festival in Nevada in the Black Rock Desert
    duration 8 days, finishing 1st MON in SEP (Labor Day)
    40°47′13.65″ N, 119°12′14.94″ W

  2. Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, Pershing County, NV, United States. Always wanted to go to this festival.

  3. Targeting Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of NV at 40.787074, -119.204326 on this of all weeks was way too easy!

  4. If the drugs I can sense are correct, it’s Black Rock City, a temporarily-occupied location by the participants in Burning Man in Nevada! 40°47’13.0″N 119°12’16.0″W

    I srongly recommend https://vimeo.com/34814788 as a lovely feel for what the place should be.

  5. Burning Man Festival 2015 (annual festival at changing locations at temporary cities in the Nevada desert), this year in “Black Rock City”, Pershing County, Nevada. Closest City is Gerlach, NV.

  6. are you kidding! me the only 2 games i miss and its burning man and the Vatican both i know by heart!

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