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  1. Well, since I live in Texas, I was thoroughly embarrassed that I had to have a hint to find the last puzzle. (In my defence, I briefly thought of San Antonio because the Alamo had just been made a World Heritage site, but since it obviously wasn’t the Alamo, I dismissed the idea.) My wife would never let me forget it if I missed this one too, which is even closer to home.
    Dealy Plaza, Dallas, TX
    32.778813° -96.808468°

  2. DALLAS Texas
    OLD RED MUSEUM, also known as the old red courthouse

  3. Addition to my reply: this must be ELM STREET
    the location of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963

  4. Dallas, Texas – Kennedy Assassination Point
    32°46’44.39″N 96°48’31.26″W

  5. Dealey Plaza (where Kennedy was shot) and Red Old Museum, Dallas, TX, USA

  6. This is Dealy Plaza, in Dallas TX – site of the JFK assasination in 1963.

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