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  1. Platte Mound M, Platteville, Wisconsin, USA
    Sorry for eventual double submitting….had connection problems

  2. 42.763713°N 90.406666°W
    Platte Mound M near Platteville, Wisconsin
    The Platte Mound M is the letter “M” written using whitewashed stones on Platte Mound about four miles east of Platteville, Wisconsin. It is the largest letter “M” in the world

  3. “M” written using whitewashed stones on Platte Mound Park about four miles east of Platteville, Wisconsin (Wikipedia)

  4. The Big M, Platteville Wisconsin. World’s largest letter M, a mascot for the University of Wisconsin – Platteville’s school of Mines.
    42.763668° -90.406401°

  5. Standing almost 250 feet tall and more than 200 feet wide, the big “M” was created by University of Wisconsin-Platteville engineering students in 1936. It was a mining school at the time, thus the letter “M.” The stones were whitewashed every year by UW-Platteville students. In the many years since, students and community members alike have taken great pride in Platteville being the home of the world’s largest “M.”
    42°45’48.81″N 90°24’23.91″W

  6. Lat: 42.763700°
    Platte Mound, Platteville, Wisconsin, USA.
    The largest letter M geoglyph in the World.

  7. The Platte Mound M in Platteville, Wisconsin, USA.

    Inspired by the Colorado School of Mines M. 😉

    42°45’49″N 90°24’24″W

  8. Platte Mound Park, east of Platteville, Wisconsin. Given the number of times I’ve driven through Platteville, I’m pissed I waited so long to look at this one. The locals refer to it as an M. Being a Wisconsin grad, I prefer to think of it as a W.


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