Contest #403: Bawabet Dimashq (Damascus Gate) Restaurant, Damascus, Syria

Well, we went to prison and then took a trip down a water slide, now we gotta eat, right?

As of the date of this post, Bawabet Dimashq is the largest restaurant in the world (as recognized by the fine folks at the Guiness Book of World Records)

This place can seat over 6000 people at a time in the nearly 54,000 square meter dining area.




Those who made early reservations and got a 2-point table included:

  • Lighthouse
  • Paul Voestermanns
  • Phil Ower
  • steve willis
  • Farceur
  • Garfield

And the last minute additions (1 point) were:

  • JF
  • lelie
  • Steve J.
  • Luis Filipe Miguel
  • Mehmet DURMUS