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  1. 57° 8’21.85″N 94°10’9.77″W
    Between Silcox and Thibaudeau, Northern Manitoba, Canada

  2. 57°08’29.75″N 94°09’39.19″W

    It’s something in the area of nowhere
    Above and below are SILCOX and THIBAUDEAU, two villages anywhere
    It’s along the railway, southwards from Churchill, Manitoba

    I believe it was again a little bit too hard ! One contest after the other somewhere in the landscape, anywhere on the world, only to find by browsing all over

    I hope you will continue anytime with some nice landmarks again, and not with the 3rd million grain of sand in the Gobi Desert … :-))

  3. Train tracks Just south of Silcox, Manitoba, Canada. Part of the Hudson Bay Railway line up to Churchill on the Hudson Bay.

  4. 57° 8’10.00″N 94° 9’30.00″W
    rail line going from the Nelson river in Manitoba to churchill station.

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