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  1. 33°37’29.75″N, 78°47’32.78″E. Trail located between Pangong Tso lake and Spanggur Tso lake. Though the names seem to change depending on which map, or which part of a map one looks at.

  2. A difficult one.

    It’s at 33.614256° 78.798706°
    near Chushul in the Pangong Tso area. (Aksai Chin region)

  3. Qiudijiange Shankou (pass), between China, Tibet, India… 33.626465°N 78.789977°E

    this kind of puzzles, even if it shows beautiful places, is imho of no interest: i don’t see what’s interesting in browsing and browsing in GE all day long

    ok, i can now see there is a wikimapia spot but i never saw in my searches the keyword “switchbacks” (english is not my mother tongue) + ok there are 3 GE placemarks

    + i don’t understand “two lakes not called Baking and Pop”, even after having found what and where… when the hint makes the puzzle more difficult or more obscure… well…

  4. A mountain peak within the Aksai Chin disputed territory between China and India, at 33°37’36.19″N 78°47’17.62″E

  5. Between the lakes Pangong Tsho and Maindung Co / Himalaya
    33°37’28.84″N 78°47’22.61″E

  6. 33°37’37.00″N 78°47’19.00″E
    the mountain pass Road between pangong Tso & spanggur Tso.

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