5 Replies to “Contest #390”

  1. Pangong, close to Pangong Lake (4250 m, Himalaya)
    33°37’37.83″ N 78°47’20.36″ O

  2. Boah, this was as tough as Contest 377….! Good idea!
    I found the road in the south end of Aksai Chin between Lake Spanggur Tso and Lake Bangong Co.
    33°37’41.20″N 78°47’24.07″E
    Happy Easter!

  3. It’s a road between the lakes Nyaktse and Pongur Tso. This place is between an uncertain country border between India and China.

    I can’t find the road name or any panoramio photo of the area.

    Coordinates: ~ 33°37’39.86″N, 78°47’18.67″E

    Congratulations to whoever found this before the hint…

  4. It is in Tíbet, between the Pangong Lake and the Spanggur Lake

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