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Contest #380

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  1. Triftsee – glacial lake – SWISS – with longest suspension bridge of europe

  2. (Too easy with the copyright on)
    Triftbrücke im Trifttal, Kanton Bern, Switzerland

  3. Trift Bridge
    46.694190° 8.357788°

  4. Trift Glacier and Suspension Bridge, near Gadmen, Switzerland


  5. Trift suspension bridge, Triftsee, above Gadmen in Switzerland.

  6. Grüezi!
    How dizzying! Nothing for me….
    Trift Bridge, Gadmen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

  7. Trift Bridge, Switzerland. Longest pedestrian/hiking bridge in the world. Congratulations and thanks to Paul and Andrew for a well run and enjoyable contest series.

  8. Trift Bridge,Switzerland.
    46°41’39.18″N 8°21’27.32″E

  9. http://addiator.blogspot.com.tr/2009/07/up-to-trift-bridge.html

  10. Trift Bridge, Switzerland, very cool!

  11. The Trift bridge, in the Swiss Alps, near Gadmen.
    46.6942, 8.3575

  12. Trift Bridge, Gadmen, Switzerland, 46.694358 8.35742

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  13. trift bridge, triftsee, Switzerland

  14. Triftbrücke, Zwitserland

  15. Trift Suspension Bridge, near the town of Gadmen in the Swiss Alps.

  16. Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

  17. Trift Bridge in Switzerland

  18. Trift bridge, Gadmen, Switzerland
    46°41’39.12″N, 8°21’27’E

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