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Contest #354


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  1. Maulbronn monastery, Germany. My son’s class did a big project on it in history. The layout looked familiar straight away.

  2. Kloster Maulbronn, Germany
    49.001065° 8.812334°

  3. Maulbronn Monastery, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


  4. Maulbronn Monastery Complex, Germany

  5. Maulbronn Monastery Complex in Germany.

  6. Maulbronn Monastery/Kloster Maulbronn (another WH site), Maulbronn, Germany, 49.001243°N 8.812763°E

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  7. Maulbronn Monastery, Germany

  8. Maulbronn Monastery, Maulbronn, Germany

  9. Maulbronn Monastery Complex, Germany.

  10. Maulbronn Monastery

  11. Maulbronn Monastery

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