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Contest #325


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  1. Mvezo, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
    Birthplace of Nelson Mandela
    31°56’28.41″S 28°33’7.06″E

  2. Mvezo, Cape Province, South Africa.

  3. Mvezo, South Africa, birth place of Nelson Mandela

  4. Mvezo, South Africa. Birthplace of Nelson Mandela.
    -31.939631° 28.551889°

  5. Mvezo, South Africa, birthplace of Nelson Mandela.
    31°56’33.24″S 28°32’51.32″E

  6. Mvezo, Mandela birthplace; South Africa


  7. Mvezo, South Africa
    The birthplace of Nelson Mandela

  8. Madiba’s Mvezo, South Africa, 31.942441°S 28.552174°E

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  9. Mvezo, South Africa. Nelson Mandela’s birthplace.

  10. Mvezo, O.R.Tambo, South Africa, with a part of the Nelson Mandela Museum

  11. Mveso, Transkei, South Africa, Birthplace of Nelson Mandela.

  12. Mvezo, South Africa. Nelson Mandela was born there.

  13. Mvezo, Eastern Cape, South Africa

  14. Birthplace of Nelson Mandela, Mvezo, South Africa.
    Lat -31.942 Lon 28.55

  15. 31°56’32.06″S

  16. Mmangweni, South Africa. Roughly 58 kilometers south-southeast of Mandela’s birthplace of Qunu, but I have no idea what the connection to Madiba may be.


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