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Contest #324 hint

Did you see the size of that building?


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  1. Corviale, an apartment building in Italy: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corviale

  2. Corviale (-building), Rome, Italy, 41°51’4.83″N, 12°24’39.72″E

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  3. I even didn’t see that it was one building 🙂

    “Corviale” building, Roma, Italy
    41.850959, 12.411654

  4. Corviale, Rome
    Lat 41.851 Lon 12.412

  5. Corviale, Rome IT

  6. Corviale on the outskirts of Rome, Italy.

  7. Residential building “Corviale” in Rome, Italy.
    41°51’3.45″N, 12°24’41.95″E

    Must have overlooked it the first time, since now I found it via a website that I have visited before.

  8. Corviale building outside Rome, italy.

  9. Corviale west of Rome.

  10. Corviale, Rome, Italy
    41° 51? 2? N, 12° 24? 42? E

  11. Corviale, apartment building on the outskirts of Rome

    41° 51′ 03″N, 12° 24′ 42″ E

  12. corviale, rome,Italy.

  13. Corviale, Rome, Italy

  14. Corviale, Italy

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