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Contest #275 hint

This hardly accessible island was discovered in the 18th century, but the first accurate map was drawn 247 years later.

Happy new year, everybody!

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9 Responses to “Contest #275 hint”

  1. Bouvet Island

    54° 25? 48? S, 3° 22? 48? E

  2. Bouvet Island -54.43,3.38

  3. Bouvet Island, South Atlantic

    WGS84 54° 25? 48? S, 3° 22? 48? E

  4. Bouvet Island.

  5. Bouvet Island, in the far south Atlantic Ocean.

  6. bouvet island aka bouvetøya, lost in the south atlantic ocean:
    54°25.8?S 3°22.8?E

    happy new year!

  7. Gah!.. that’s gonna cost me top spot!.. Bouvet Island, Atlantic Ocean

  8. Bouvet island, dependency of Norway located in the South Atlantic Ocean
    54°25’13.97″s 3°22’10.67″e

  9. Bouvet Island, one of my favorite God-forsaken places, the hint reminded me of its unique history.

    Happy new year!