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Contest #275

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  1. Bouvet Island
    Lat: 54.4189300 S 3.3508300 E

  2. Bouvet Island, Norwegian island in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Bouvet Island
    54°25’3.57″S 3°23’18.69″E

  4. This is tiny, volcanic Bouvet Island, located between S. Africa and Antarctica at 54°25.8?S 3°22.8?E.


    Home of the Chinstrap penguin!

  5. Bouvet Island – Bouvetøya

    The most remote island in the world situated in the South Atlantic Ocean at 54°25.8?S – 3°22.8?E. Bouvetøya is one of three dependencies of Norway.

  6. Bouvet Island, in the south Atlantic. The most remote land in the world. There’s an interesting little mystery connected with it, see http://allkindsofhistory.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/an-abandoned-lifeboat-at-worlds-end/
    54°25’25.66″S 3°23’3.62″E

  7. The most remote island in the world: Bouvet Island.

  8. Lat: 54°25’23.94″S
    Lon: 3°22’49.76″E
    Bouvet Island is the most isolated island in the world.

  9. Bouvet Island, 54°25?48?S, 3°22?48?E

  10. Bouvet Island, southern ocean

  11. 54° 25′ 19.36″ S
    3° 23′ 2.86″ E

  12. Bouvet Island
    54°25’48″S, 3°22’48″E

  13. Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

  14. Bouvet island in the South Atlantic – the most remote island in the world.

  15. Bouvet Island
    Lat -54.44 Lon 3.40

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