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Contest #272

December 7th, 2012 Posted by | Uncategorized | 13 comments

13 Responses to “Contest #272”

  1. Jumbo mountain, Commander mountain, Lake of the Hanging Glacier, etc. Future resort site, see http://jumboglacierresort.com/about/
    50°25’8.22″N 116°32’45.04″W

  2. Commander Mountain
    more tomorrow

  3. The lake visible is Lake of the Hanging Glaciers, located west of Invermere, BC CANADA.

    The location is the site of the proposed Jumbo Ski Resort.

  4. Commander Mountain in British Columbia, Canada

  5. Lake of the Hanging Glaciers and Mt.Jumbo,in British Columbia, Canada
    50°25’11.89″N 116°32’28.32″W

  6. Lake of the Hanging Glacier
    50°25’41.40″ N 116°35’23.07″ W

  7. Lake of the Hanging Glacier,

    Near Invermere, British Columbia, Canada

    50°26’7.93″N 116°35’52.00″W

  8. Commander Mountain, Jumbo Mountain, Karnak Mountain, the Guardsmen Mountains, The Lieutenants, Mount Maye
    and the Lake of the Hanging Glacier
    British Columbia

  9. 50° 24′ 53.72″ N
    116° 32′ 33.72″ W

  10. 50.426893,-116.537819

    I think you’re looking at Commander Mountain or possibly Lake of the Hanging Glacier. Woot Canada 🙂

  11. Jumbo mountain + glacier, Purcell Mountains, British Columbia, Canada, near Calgary

  12. Commander and Jumbo Glacier in British Columbia, Canada. This will be part of a year round skiing resort.
    50°24’48″N 116°32’47″W

  13. Lake of the Hanging Glacier in the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia.

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