Contest #261

We’ll start this new series not too easy.

Remember: you can click te picture for a larger version.

This contest is about the building in the centre of the picture.


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  1. But not too hard either…
    Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany
    49°56’34.97″N 11°34’38.85″E

  2. Lat: 49°56’39.07″N
    Lon: 11°34’37.68″E
    This is the Old Palace of Bayreuth with the opera house opposite.

  3. Margravial Opera House,
    Bavaria, Germany
    49° 56? 38.4? N, 11° 34? 40.8? E

  4. I missed the bit about the building in the center.. it’s the Margravial Opera House, a UNESCO world heritage site, dating from mid-18th century. According to Wikipedia, it is to be closed this year for extensive refurbishment.

  5. 49° 56′ 39.51″ N
    11° 34′ 42.58″ E
    It’s the „Markgräfisches Opernhaus“ at Bayreuth.

  6. Margravial Opera House, built between 1744 and 1748, located in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany (49.9445,11.5782)

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