Contest #257

Can you name the large island in the centre of the picture?

And do you have any idea what is special about this island?

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  1. Eilean Rìgh in Loch Craignish
    (May be special because once it belonged to Sir Reginald Johnston, the tutor of the last emperor of China, who built a Buddhist temple here in the 1930s.)

  2. Eilean Rìgh 56° 9’27.32″N 5°32’27.28″W

    As of June 2012, Eilean Rìgh is now for sale for offers over £3,000,000.

  3. Eilean Righ (King’s Island), in Loch Craignish, Scotland
    I checked the Wikipedia article, and the island has had some interesting owners, but nothing very special stands out. Perhaps the Buddhist temple, which would be pretty unusual for this part of the world. The island is currently up for sale.
    56° 9’22.22″N 5°32’29.93″W

  4. The island is Eilean Rìgh in Scotland.

    There are a few specialities about this island. It has the remains of two Iron Age forts. It has a Buddhist temple which was built by Sir Reginald Johnston who was civil servant of Puyi, the last Chinese emperor.

    But I think you are asking for the following special fact and that is the opportunity to buy the island. It is for sale and the owner is Christian Siva-Jothy, a former Partner of Goldman Sachs. The island is four sale for offers over £3,000,000.

  5. Eilean Righ, located at the Inner Hebrides at the west coast of Scotland, once home to Sir Reginald Johnston, retired tutor to Puyi, the last Chinese emperor, who was excellently impersonated by Peter O’Toole in the highly recommended movie by Bernardo Bertolucci (56.157,-5.542)

  6. Eilean Righ, Scotland… Eilean Rìgh is an island in the Inner Hebrides of the west coast of Scotland. It lies in Loch Craignish, about 300 m off the Argyll coastline. The name is Gaelic for “King’s Island”, although which royal is not known.

    It is also currently FOR SALE!!!

    56° 9’31.70″N 5°32’25.34″W

  7. Eilean Righ, an island in the Hebrides, which can be yours for a bid starting at 3M pounds! The location is 56° 9’N 5°32’W

  8. Eilean Righ. Not sure what is “special” about it. Perhaps the fact that it is for sale.

  9. Eilean Rìgh

    Home of Sir Reginald Johnston, who build a Buddhist Temple and a Chinese garden on the island.

  10. The island of Eilean Rìgh (King’s Isle)
    Loch Craignish
    Inner Hebrides
    Argyll, Scotland, UK
    56° 9? 0? N, 5° 32? 0? W

    Apparently there is a Buddhist temple, and two Iron Age forts, and it’s for sale.

  11. Eilean Righ, Scotland
    The current owner is Christian Siva-Jothy, former partner of Goldman Sachs.

  12. Eilean Righ (King’s Island)
    Lat 56.16 Lon -5.54
    Former home of Sir Reginald Johnston, retired tutor to Puyi, the last Chinese emperor.

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