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Contest #253

July 27th, 2012 Posted by | Uncategorized | 35 comments

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  1. Lago di Traiano (Harbor of Trajan) near Roma

  2. Portus, just south of Rome.

  3. Lago di Traiano, Italy: 41.78006500, 12.26220100
    A very easy Picture.

  4. This is also known as Lago di Traiano (Trajan harbor).

  5. Lago Traiano, Italy – located just south of Rome’s Fiuminico Airport.

  6. Lago di Traiano, near Fiumicino, Italy

  7. 41°46’47.93″N
    Lago Traiano

  8. Porto di Traiano, in Fiumicino Province of Rome, italy

  9. Lago di Traiano (Harbor of Trajan), hexagonal shaped lake near Rome, Italy (41.780,12.263)

  10. Traiano Lake, Fiumicino,isola Sacra, Roma, ?taly
    41°46’47.92″N 12°15’46.33″E

  11. Lat: 41.779928°
    Lon: 12.262327°
    Trajan harbour at Portus

  12. Lago di Traiano, Rome, Italy

  13. Lago Traiano
    Province of Rome
    41°46’47.86″N, 12°15’46.33″E

  14. Portus, Trajan’s habour, 41.778692° 12.263006°

  15. Portus Traiani Felicis, now Lago Traiano, southwest of Rome.
    41°46’47.94″N 12°15’44.77″E

  16. Lago Traiano in Italy. Formerly part of a Roman port. Now the center of a private estate.

  17. Lago di Traiano (Harbour of Trajan)
    Good to find these easy ones in the morning. Makes my ego happy. 😀

  18. Welcome to Lago Traiano! 😉

  19. Ancient Harbour of Trajan, Fiumicino, Italy

  20. harbor of trajan

  21. Lago di Traiano

    41 46′ 48″ N, 12 15′ 45″ E

  22. Harbor of Trajan, Fiumicino, Italy

  23. 41°46’47.82″N

  24. Lago traiano near Rome airport


  25. This is the old Roman Portus near the town of Fiumicino

  26. Lago Traiano, next to Fiumicino, the International Airport of Roma. This once was harbour.

  27. Lago di Traiano

  28. Lago di Traiano
    Fiumicino, Italy (IT)
    @ 41.78006500, 12.26220100

  29. Late of Traiano, Near Fiumicino Airport, Rome (Italy)

  30. Traiano’s Lake, close to Fiumicino airport , Rome (Italy)

  31. Lago Traiano, Roman port built by Emperor Trajan

  32. 41.779425,12.263657

  33. Rome’s old harbour in Ostia.

  34. Lago Traiano, Riserva Naturale Statale Litorale Romano, 00054 Fiumicino-isola Sacra Province de Rome, Italy


  35. Lake Traiano, Italy
    Lat 41.78 Lon 12.262

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