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Contest #250 hint

The contest picture shows the logo-shape office building.

The factory is a bit further up north:

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5 Responses to “Contest #250 hint”

  1. Lat: 48.525484° Lon: 7.500528°
    Bugatti car plant in Molsheim.

  2. Bugatti Facility near Molsheim

  3. Bugatti Automobiles
    Molsheim, Alsace, France
    48° 31? 36.32? N, 7° 29? 58.86? E

  4. Bugatti factory in Molsheim/Dorlisheim, France
    48°31’32″N 007°30’02″E

    This was not easy. I finally found it through the supermarket (CORA) with the blue parking spaces for handicapped people, as being typical for parts of France.
    The CORA supermarket finder did the rest!

  5. Nice! I totally was not on those lines. But wish I had been, I love Bugatti’s!!!

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