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Contest #198 hint

If you activate the ‘borders’ layer, you get this…

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  1. Llivia, part of Catalan, Spain, but in France.
    The center of the clue picture is the Castle of the town, destroyed in the 15th centtury.


  2. Llívia, Spanish exclave in France.

  3. The town of Livia, an exclave of Spain within France.

  4. Town of Llívia, spanish exclave in southern France (close to the spanish border)

  5. Llivia, Spain, (France)

  6. Llivia, Spanish enclave near Andorra.
    Mislead by North/South not being exactly up/down on image. One of the things I was looking for was junctions of images which were at an angle from N/S.

  7. Llívia

  8. Llívia, Spanish enclave in France… should have seen that one coming 🙂

  9. Spanish exclave containing the town of Llívia, Girona province in Catalonia, Spain.

  10. Llívia from Spain, surrounded by France

  11. Llivia enclave, which is Spanish territory but surrounded on all sides by France

  12. Llívia, a little chunk of Spain in France. It is an exclave tucked away north of the Spanish/French border.

  13. Llívia, town in Catalonia, Spain.

  14. Spanish town of Llivia inside France

  15. well that one kicked my butt. lol
    Llívia, Spain

  16. Llívia is a town of Cerdanya, province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain

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