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  1. Sendai airport in Japan. It’s in the news this morning after the tsunami flooded it.

  2. Sendai Airport in Japan, currently under water thanks to a 50 foot high tsunami caused by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

  3. Tragically, I know this one. Sendai Airport, Japan.
    I was watching footage live on TV of the floods.

  4. Aeropuerto de Sendai, Miyagi, Japon(38° 8’12.63″N,140°54’35.60″E)
    Área afectada por el Tzunami

  5. Easy and a sad one

    Sendai in the Miyagi prefecture, japan where an 8.9 seismic event ocurred today

  6. Sendai Airport, Japan. Near Natori.

    approximately: 38° 8? 14.1? N, 140° 55? 47.3? E

  7. Sendai Airport, near Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

    38° 8′ 23″ N, 140° 55′ 1″ E

  8. Oh crap. tell me this is a horrid co-incidence. Sendai Airport, currently under water and mud thanks to the earthquake.

  9. My thoughts go out to all those in Japan and other places who have been affected by this horrible event.

  10. Sendai Airport near Sendai, Japan, where the earthquake/tsunami just took place.

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