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  1. That’s too easy for me as I gave this challenge myself recently in our quiz series:
    It is Roden Crater in Arizona, USA

  2. James Turrell’s naked-eye observatory on Roden Crater near Flagstaff Arizona.

  3. Roden Crater 35 deg 25’33 N , 111 deg 15’30 W
    Site of James Turrell landart observatory
    Nr Flagstaff Arizona

  4. Roden Crater, a volcano northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. Since 1970, James Turrell has developed a work of art that was highly unusual: a system of tunnels and rooms inside this crater.

  5. Roden Crater near Flagstaff AZ. The thing in the bottom was the clue. I looked for “monument” in volcano and crater, but finally tried “art” with volcano and crater and found it.

  6. The Roden Crater, an extinct volcano being turned into a massive piece of art by James Turrell.

    Located northeast of Flagstaff, AZ

  7. Roden Crater, about 26 miles NE of Flagstaff, Arizona

    Needed the clue, since I have simply been much too busy the past few weeks to do much searching…

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