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Contest #175

January 28th, 2011 Posted by | Uncategorized | 24 comments

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  1. That’s too easy for me as I gave this challenge myself recently in our quiz series:
    It is Roden Crater in Arizona, USA

  2. Roden Crater, Arizona, USA. Place of James Turrell’s Land art project.

  3. James Turrell’s naked-eye observatory on Roden Crater near Flagstaff Arizona.

  4. Roden Crater 35 deg 25’33 N , 111 deg 15’30 W
    Site of James Turrell landart observatory
    Nr Flagstaff Arizona

  5. Roden Crater, Coconino, AZ

  6. Roden Crater, a volcano northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. Since 1970, James Turrell has developed a work of art that was highly unusual: a system of tunnels and rooms inside this crater.

  7. Roden Crater near Flagstaff AZ. The thing in the bottom was the clue. I looked for “monument” in volcano and crater, but finally tried “art” with volcano and crater and found it.

  8. 26 miles NE of flagstaff, AZ.
    Near sunset crater national volcno monument.
    (LAt/Long = 35°25’33N 111°15’31W)

  9. Roden Crater, Arizona

  10. The Roden Crater, an extinct volcano being turned into a massive piece of art by James Turrell.

    Located northeast of Flagstaff, AZ

  11. Roden Crater, northeast of Flagstaff, AZ, USA.

    35 25′ 33″ N, 111 15′ 31″ W

  12. Roden crater, northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona.

  13. Roden Crater, Coconino AZ

    35.425556, -111.258611

  14. Roden Crater, Coconino, AZ 86004

  15. roden crater in arizona. first time trying was very fun

  16. Roden Crater USA

  17. Roden crater, Arizona

  18. The Roden crater in Arizona, United states

    Heres a shout out to eli

  19. roden crater AZ

  20. Roden Crater near Leupp, AZ

  21. its called Roden crater

  22. Roden Crater, about 26 miles NE of Flagstaff, Arizona

    Needed the clue, since I have simply been much too busy the past few weeks to do much searching…

  23. Roden crater

  24. roden crater arizona