7 Replies to “Contest #173 hint”

  1. Tromelin Island
    lat: -15.890, lon: 54.525

    I spent way too much time in the South Pacific.

  2. Tromelin Island, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar.

    I think I went past it about 10 times while searching without the hint. Quite a hard one this week.

  3. Tromelin Island.

    15 53′ S, 54 31′ E

    Wow, this is the toughest one I’ve managed to get. In the process, I’ve learned about WWII battles and abandoned airstrips, Amelia Earhart’s flight plan, which archipelagos are volcanic and which are coral atolls, the Guano Islands Act, Jakob Roggeveen (and Cook), accounts of European discoveries of various Pacific islands, and a whole lot more. My brain’s full now. 🙂

  4. Tromelin Island. It is a French territory. It is claimed by Mauritius and Seychelles.

    Wow! This one was very challenging and fun. Once again I needed the hint.

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